Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yesterday was a busy day full of ceremony and celebration. In the morning my best friend J and her husband M had their kid Christened in a church in Brooklyn Heights. You can tell J and I are best friends by the mere fact she was able to get me into a church pew wearing a pair of control top panty hose before 11am on a Saturday morning.

I can't recall ever going to a Christening and if I have it's been a long time. It was nice catching up with her parents who I possibly hadn't seen since J's wedding and before that our college graduation. Here we were in church, J's father reminding me of the time they visited J and I at college our senior year. The time her dad reached for a glass out of our dorm cupboard and 10,000 empty beer cans and vodka bottles came pouring out. Good times. As J's father told the story, I watched J's face as he let her son crawl around in his Christening whites on the dirty church floor pre-ceremony. I could tell J was thinking something like, "Um Dad. Don't do that." And then the ceremony soon began.

The ceremony went well considering they had to appeal to both sides of grandparents which were both Catholic and Episcopalian. The Catholic part was along the lines of 'Help this child not to be a sinner nor believe in Satan' mixed with the Episcopalian side of 'Help this child be willing to love all of God's people that may be different than him'. An interesting mix to say the least.

When I got home E and I prepared to go to the wedding of our pals/internet legends Jason and Meg. They asked E to shoot the wedding and I backed him up as his assistant. This is our third wedding doing this and it's an interesting experience for us. It's always stressful trying to capture the most important day of someone's life much less people you know and like. But hopefully it turned out well and they will be pleased. I was pleased.

I love weddings and even more a wedding where I get to be a fly on the wall to observe what is going on around me. The official ceremony parts of weddings are often always moving but it's when people hit the dance floor that I really feel the celebration and sentiment. I love how people move their bodies - the snapper, the clapper, the crazy moves guy and the frisky girl. I love the parents dancing to 'Hey Ya!' and the grandparents slow dancing to 'Time After Time'.

In the end it was a full day of celebrating. Perhaps the most exciting thing to celebrate - a full 14 hours of control top panty hose wearing and not a single complaint.


At 4:32 AM, Blogger Tibetan Underworld said...

Sounds like that is going to be one confused kid when he grows up. Of course he always has the option of rebelling and being agnostic so there is hope yet.

Just discovered your blog. Your photographs are really really impressive. Are you a professional?

At 7:53 AM, Blogger aaannnaaa said...

miss your posts...


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