Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yesterday after wandering around the small town here in Maine we decided to stop in to a place that looked like a diner despite the sign that read 'cocktail lounge'. There we enjoyed a cold iced tea and a grilled cheese cooked by the Dad guy featured in the above photo.

After the meal, Dad guy walked over and spoke to us for a while with his daughter by his side. There was a lot of information shared in the small amount of time we sat there: Dad plays the drums, Dad has two other kids, Dad collects gem stones, Dad is renovating an old house, Dad went to a rave the other night was the oldest one there and Dad is remarried - he showed us a photo of his lovely 16 yr old looking wife.

Before we left E inquired why the place said 'cocktail lounge' on the side:

Dad Guy: Because it is. Only a cocktail lounge two nights a week now
E: Oh yeah? Which nights? Maybe we can come down.
Dad Guy: Tuesday and Thursdays
K: Yes we should totally come down
Dad Guy: Sure. Yeah...we got dancing girls
E: Dancing what?
Little Daughter: Dancing GIRLS
E: Dancing girls. Huh. Ok.
Dad Guy: (raising eyebrows up and down)
K:(looking at smiling little girl) Oh... wow...ok
Little Daughter: (laughs and looks at Dad)
E: Huh
K: Huh

Check please.


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