Thursday, August 17, 2006


Here's a tip...if you are straight guy – don’t come to my nail salon called DASHING DIVAS. If you hadn’t noticed...everything is pink inside and it’s full of chicks. Perhaps you missed the following things that might have ‘tipped you off’:

-giant pink satin cushions on every chair
-only chicks working there and only chicks coming there
-curtains made of dangling crystals dividing various areas of the room
-magazine selection - US Weekly, Vogue, Star, In Touch, etc.
-chick talk about guys, celebs, breakups, work, babies, clothes, hair
-chick flicks playing on the big flat screen TV
-names of spa treatments like “Girls Night Out Pedicure” or “Mango Manicure”

If you are a straight guy and choose to come in please don’t do the following:

-act ‘extra manly’ by wearing your sunglasses indoors and baseball cap sideways checking your sidekick all cool while you get a pedicure with your leg propped up on a pink satin pillow

-talk loudly on your cell phone about how hot the chick was you went on a date with last week while your hands are being wrapped in hot towels and lavender lotion


-All the poor husbands or boyfriends or brothers or sons that have to run in and quickly talk to their wife, girlfriend, sister or mother meanwhile ashamed of even being in there more than five seconds. One time E was one of those dudes. He had to come because I forgot my wallet. He came in like a deer in headlights, threw down the money and ran.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger jayKayEss said...

obvious closet cases, both.


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