Thursday, August 17, 2006


Monday or Tuesday night I can’t recall (despite it being only a few short days ago) I was headed home from work on the train when I spotted popular photographer/photoblogger Travis Ruse. For those of you that haven’t heard or read about Travis he is a photographer that has spent the past year plus taking photos of people on his commute to and from work. He posts one a day here on his web site.

Photographing people – especially New Yorkers – can be very difficult. Travis doesn’t hide anything. His camera hangs from his neck and it seems obvious he is taking your photograph. I can’t recall if he asks permission – some photographers do. Regardless it’s a tough thing to pull off. Take a look through some of his photos and you’ll see why.

I’m not sure he saw me but I decided not to disturb the man in action. I just watched him from afar as he listened to his headphones, focused on various people on the track and clicked away from the camera that hung from his neck. I could have sworn he was focusing on a woman in an orange dress but I wasn’t sure. I like to play this game sometimes. What is that person seeing that to them is photo worthy? And do I want a photo of it too?

When the subway came we all shuffled in. Travis was in the middle of the car and I was towards the back. I dug in my bag for my tiny Powershot camera which I use for spy shots. I was going to take a photo of him photographing others. But by the time I looked up again at the next station – like a ghost - he was gone.


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