Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Remember winning stuff? As a kid? It was such a thrill. I don’t recall every being super competitive when I was little but then again that’s what people that are super competitive say. I hated those people in high school that would say, “Oh! I TOTALLY failed that test!” and then they would get 100%. Sadly - that was never me.

My sister on the other hand was a pretty competitive kid. One time our family went to her Science Fair. When the results were in, she stood there with a furrowed brow in her tiny little red dress and white shoes. She didn’t win.

When we got home she headed upstairs and refused to join us for dinner. Around dessert time she emerged walking down the steps still dressed in her little red dress but this time wearing every medal and ribbon she had ever won – everything from horseback riding to potato sack races.

Yesterday was my birthday. My sister is now a hair stylist and works at a salon near my office. She offered me a free wash and blow out as a birthday gift which as most women would agree is a total treat. It was nice because it was the first time I let her ‘work’ on my hair since the early days of her career which ended in minor hair disasters and stupid fights.

Working on people’s hair is annoying. It requires long hours and standing on your feet – in her case often in high heels. People are cranky and picky and talk your ear off. Your hands and wrists hurt. The shampoos and gels and creams and all that water can dry out your skin. On a rainy day you hardly get any walk ins and forget tips. In her case she is working in a new salon which is only just now starting to pick up business.

But it was fun to see her in action. When I arrived my sister was finishing up with a client and the lady was very pleased. Soon it was my turn and she showed me to the sink. Asked if the water was too hot. Gave my hair a good scrubbing and my head a nice scalp massage. She showed me to her chair and asked if I wanted the latest magazines. Got me something to drink. And when she was done my hair looked better than ever. I got compliments all night.

When I was in her chair I was reminded of her attention to detail even as a little kid. How she used to love to brush my hair and put clips in it. Back in the day there was nothing she loved more than putting my hair in a side ponytail. When I saw her yesterday I told her to please resist the urge.

I am so proud of her. For so long it seemed my sister had a dark cloud hanging over her head. Life was such a struggle. Now her struggles seem to be sacrifices well worth the positive outcomes. Business might be slow but she knows it will pick up. Regardless it was great to see her on such stable ground – still wearing high heels mind you – but finally winning.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger deborah said...

happy birthday!

aaaah... this is a beautiful story kdunk. it is so nice to see your sister;s success. i feel the same way about my sister... after seeing all the crapola she has gone through ... she is now living it up in london and having a well deserved time away

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Wow, you moved me to tears with that one!
For the past couple of years, I've been the one in my family with the cloud over my head and it has been so rough, but I'm finally (fingers crossed) turning the corner and I know that it's meant a lot for my brothers to see me get back on my feet.
It's nice to hear from the "other side" of the story.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger beth said...

Great story here. I never had a sister, but I have three daughters and they do each other's hair all the time. Seems like some primitive bonding ritual for them. I'm envious, at times; at happy for them, as well.

Thanks for sharing about what sisterly hairdressing looks like from the other end. This was a great post. Love your photos, too.


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