Tuesday, September 12, 2006


What is up with those stores that appear like they might possibly be in the price range in which you can afford - like hipster but nice - but then when you actually go in the store and pick up a tag everything from a pair of earrings to a jacket to a purse in no less than $498? Who shops there? I'm all for the occasional splurge but come on.

Last night I went to a fancy store in Brooklyn where my husband was kind and generous enough to get my a gift certificate for my birthday. Lucky for me I ended up with something beautiful and that I would never have treated myself to which is the whole point but still...this is how it went down.

Walk in shop. Browse through rack by front door. Everything 'cheap' is $998. Look at woman next to me who looks about my age, has my style with armful of clothes adding up to the amoung of $500,000. Wonder how on earth is this girl affording to shop here without eating for an entire month. Look at her waistline. Realize that is exactly what she does in order to shop here. Sigh.

Continue shopping. Look for something in price range of my certificate. Getting nervous seeing as shop is small and I am now almost half way through it. Shop gets a little more busy which takes pressure off me moving at a snails pace and under scrutiny of girl running shop.

Finally look in 50% off jewelry case. All of the necklaces are made of summer beads or plastic. There are all $348 - that is with the 50% off. Continue on and am relieved to actually see a Sales Rack. Thumb through sales rack but everything screams SUMMER and is either made of straw or grass or suntan lotion or hot dogs. Cannot wear through winter and most likely will not last until next summer. Continue on to home accessories.

Look at journals - $500. Tote bags - have too many. Candle in the shape of a bird - pick up to consider buying and girl says, "That is not for sale."

Hats - cannot justify leaving store with only a hat that could have bought at GAP for $23. Scarves - ok - there are two that I like. One beautiful, purple wrap type thing that is very me and nice but costs entire gift certificate and doesn't seem worth the price. Second scarf - black lace - and size of a tissue - for $45 (what a score!!!!) that fell on the ground and is hidden behind a wooden rack. Decide on the cheaper black scarf so can get rest of the cash back and spend the rest of my certificate money elsewhere.

Wait on line. Shop girl does not know how to ring in a gift certificate. Manager is called. 20 minutes go past which in New York time is an eternity. I hear Manager say to girl to give me store credit. I laugh and smile and say, "Actually - cash back would be great." And she says, "We only do store credit." My face drops.

A long pause and I say one second. I reach for the purple scarf using entire amount of my certificate. Despite hating these people and never wanting to come here again, I leave with my pretty purple scarf that I love and try to remember that frankly... that is what only matters.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger alissa said...

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At 6:05 PM, Blogger alissa said...

How nice of E to get you a gift cert! I love those... my bday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm already planning on buying a lululemon cert to give to my husband to give to me.

At 9:01 PM, Blogger rubybeth said...

I hate those damn stores. Anthropologie is like that for me. I'm a freakin' library assistant! I can't afford a $200 sweater that looks like it was found in a thrift store.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger bahar19852010 said...

shopping kills... :-) the retailer try every measure to cheat us :-(

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At 5:11 AM, Blogger ader45 said...

maybe they try to fake you with the price tag.. who know

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